Thursday, June 29, 2017

Aunt Shirley

I write about her sometimes. Herewith is the lady herself ... from way back when ...
 Family resemblance over time?


  1. Incredible! like Harry I assumed your relationship was with Bruce. Anyway, beautiful people. Rachael, how do you feel to be a descendant of Kings, Princess, Queen, etc. etc.? Arent' you proud? Don't you feel sometime a bit superior to other people? Let we know :)

  2. Why would that make me feel superior? Other things might, and sometimes do. The degree of stupidity with which I must deal sometimes makes me impatient at least. But everyone has royal or noble blood if they go back far enough.

    We're one huge tangled family. My royal ancestry is closer in time than most. But being noble born does not make anyone special. Sometimes it makes them 'retarded.' [I'm thinkin' Prince Charles here.]

    Bible doctrine is that all humans come from Adam and carry the result of his sin. There is no way to erase that. It is the ultimate equalizer.

    But ... knowing my family history is interesting. That another does not know his family history at depth does not mean that they are a lesser person. What ever worth each has depends on how they act, what they believe, how thoughtful they are. It does not depend on who your grandparents were.

  3. Thanks Rachael for your answer, you are a beautiful woman.