Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Tell me the story ... [Click image for full size]


  1. What apparently looks like an innocent group of school girls riding the train to school is actually a highly skilled hit squad on their way to their latest assignment to take out a research center studying the possibility that Godzilla recently visited the Hanford site to recharge himself on nuclear waste. His foot prints were found around a 20 foot square hole in a tunnel there. The hit squad will make a clear sweep of the center, leaving nothing behind but blood splatters.

  2. They are in the same train, they have the same dress, the same schoolbag, and prolly they attend the same school. They have the same opportunities, but they have a different approach:
    The first couple on the left is talking, they look good girls. They know the lesson, they have studied hard all the year, and so they are ready for the test.
    Then second couple is rehearsing the lesson; they have studied hard but not like the first couple. They need a little rehearse.
    The third couple is sleeping, they are intelligent girls but during the year they haven't been devoted to the study. They have tried to study in the last weeks, and now they are exhausted
    The fourth couple is chatting; they have poor interest for the school.
    The last three girls are on the other side of the train. Look at them, and see how different they are in comparison with the first girls.