Saturday, April 29, 2017


            Almost no-one who reads this blog cares much about our history books, maybe two or three do. But it’s my blog and if I want to agonize over our current work, I will. So Thupp!
            First, my computer killed – sent off into the realm of lost electrons – a major portion of work. I got a few lines back. And I’ve started over. This isn’t as bad as it seems. The new version is better and less cluttered. But the work is slower going. That’s mostly because I’ve changed order and emphasis. I’m unhappy at the pace. But I have to work around being so sick I can’t stand myself.
            I think the private history blog is a failure. We invited people we thought would comment. What we ended up with is the same set of intellectual parasites and a few committed commenters. Probably I expect too much from blog readers.
            I watched my youngest daughter’s dance group rehearse. Two of them have real talent. One of them is umm flexible. I mean really flexible. I suppose I used to be too, though at nearly forty, I no longer am. The dance troupe’s choreographer tends to make the dances more erotic than is appropriate for young teens, but that’s not uncommon.
            My pet Scotsman is working on the irrigation system. It’s fairly old, so sprinkler heads need replacing. We usually wait until one fails totally. Replacing them all would have cost bunches. When he’s done today, all of them will have been replaced within the last three years.

            My oldest sister sends us a care package every so often: Candy, cookies, sometimes clothes, especially pajamas I like. Her latest came today. That’s always fun. Kat claimed open-the-package rights.

            I got rid of our old coffee maker [Proctor-Silex] because the pot dribbles, and I’m tired of wiping coffee spills off the counter. The new one is Black and Decker, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

            I’ve been up for hours. A serious nap is in order.

            The school district superintendent called with a job offer. I declined. I’m not well enough to return to work, and ... they employee idiots with whom I do not wish to work.

            Oh ... and this morning when I drove out to feed the goats I decided to walk along the river bank. Understand, there is a high chain link fence between our pasture and the high water mark. The navigable river act gives public access to the bank. So I’m on the other side of the fence walking, looking at the gravel and rocks. I usually find something interesting. Today I found a Native American stone fish weight, a modern dime, an agate, and a tangle of fishing line with lure and weights. I also slipped off a rock and soaked myself up to my knees. The water is still very cold. It stays icy well into summer. So, I scramble out of the water, slip again and end up soaked head to toe.
            Fortunately, we have an old washer and dryer out there. I plunked my soaked clothes in the washer, showered up in the little stone house, sipped hot coffee and watched the barges pass.   

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  1. An occasional reader3:34 PM

    Sorry your computer ate up your work. If you are using Microsoft Word you can set it to save your work every minute, so if there is a crash nearly everything can be recovered. I learned this the hard way.

    As for the lack of comments on your history blog - if you check back to a few years ago to the heyday of this particular blog, there weren't a huge number of comments then, but some provided dialog that ultimately provided gold, and those are the ones you want, and maybe are the ones you will yet get.

    But sometimes it takes time. I know that sometimes I may want to comment somewhere, but if it involves some research or extra reading, then I need to have the time to do that. Otherwise I will only burble rubbish, and that is probably even worse than no comment. Sometimes being able to comment meaningfully can can be instant, other times other things just take over life for the moment. It may not be fixing irrigation systems, or watching ones children do something, or falling into a river - but something equally time consuming being current in a potential commentator's life. The spirit is willing but the schedule is sort of crowded - temporarily.

    So I hope that with a little wait, and maybe a few more accessible tasks presented to readers you may get a more encouraging result.