Friday, April 07, 2017

Dancing is never just social

Dance is mating ritual


  1. An occasional reader3:12 PM

    It was nice to see an extract of good ol' Burt Lancaster in The Leopard. He wasn't Gene Kelly, but as an ex-acrobat he had grace.

    As for dancing being a mating ritual, at the appropriate age for myself unfortunately nearly all "dancing" was something you did on your own. I even pushed the boat out and won a competition doing "the twist" on one leg at a holiday camp. Anyone who came within three feet of me was in great danger of being kicked. And all those teenagers on the TV popular music shows jumping around solo wasn't exactly the waltz.

    Later in life, as a staid married couple, Mrs O and I did go for ballroom dancing lessons. Fred and Ginger we weren't. I was just about OK as long as Mrs O led, and apparently that isn't how it should be done. Muttered expressions like "two left feet" didn't improve the situation. We both ultimately decided that companionable walks in the countryside was a far less stressful way of spending leisure time.

  2. Se solo le persone danzassero, invece di trascinarsi,
    Se si tenessero come in un ballo, invece di perdersi,
    Come se fosse il giro di valzer di re e regina,
    I sudditi intorno ad ammirare il re e la regina,
    Come se fosse il primo ballo del mondo,
    O l'ultimo prima della fine del mondo,
    O il più bello mai ballato al mondo,
    Passo dopo passo, nota dopo nota,
    Occhi negli occhi e cuori di fuoco,
    Non il primo ballo del mondo,
    Non l'ultimo ballo del mondo,
    Ma il più bello della storia
    Dall'inizio del mondo.