Friday, February 03, 2017

What this pixie reads ....

O. Reader's curiosity knows no bounds ... which makes him interesting. In the comment trail he suggested he wanted to know what's on the shelves in a previous photo. Herewith are samples ...


  1. An occasional reader2:22 PM

    Well, someone who reads Deighton, Doyle, Hammett and Buchan obviously has good taste... with standard Dickens thrown in along with the collected Oz tales of Frank Baum. I rather like the original silent film version of Wizard of Oz with Larry Semon and a very young Oliver Hardy (pre-Laurel and Hardy days)as the Tin Man.

  2. The 39 steps. I remember that one or two years ago you posted a link to youtube, and said that it is one of your favourite movies. Do I remember right?

  3. An occasional reader3:04 PM

    The problem with the film version of 39 Steps is that Hitchcock (and most who copied his work with new versions thereafter) sort of left the book. The actual 39 steps have a different meaning in the book, there is no blonde in stockings in the book, there is no Mr Memory, etc. You get my drift? The film is a sort of, "based on characters created by..." Good film, good book - just two different beasts.

  4. There are several 39 Steps movies, none of them faithful to the book. Hitchcock film is best. Book is better. I discovered the book when I was 11 and have read it several times. It's one of my go back to books.