Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The madness of Pixies

So ... Since I’ve been too sick to work, I’ve been selectively destroying parts of our house. Call it rearranging. I’m not exaggerating. Herewith are two photos of the Northwest corner of the family room.

My working library spilled over into it a couple of years ago. It was nice and neat and presentable until last month. Now everything is piled in places they do not belong. Dust is settling on everything.

You’ll see the mess. The trunk is from the 1870s and accompanied a distant relative to America. It’s full of hand-sewn children’s clothes. It won’t stay in this alcove, but for now it sits where it sits. You see the light fixture? That goes up behind the white beam. Now that beam is a pet peeve. When my gramps built this house that was varnished, highly polished ash wood. The last tenant before I inherited the house painted it white. It’s one of many things left to be restored. The beam extends into my library-workroom, but there it is as originally built.

The small table will go into my workroom soon. It replaces an 1850s drop-leaf table. When this space is back in order, the drop leaf will be in the center. There are days I regret starting this project. Parts of my house are terrorized ... and I did it myself. Damn pixies!

When the light fixture is up and the space cleaned out, I’ll rearrange and dust all the books, putting them back in order. Sigh.