Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CGI and the art of imagining


            I’m fascinated by CGI videos and artwork. I have no talent in that direction, and I have no time to learn the art. But I like the concept. I admire well done computer generated artwork. Some of it is story telling at its best. I use an occasional piece as a story prompt or to illustrate story telling. Children are visually oriented, far more than they were when I was nine or ten.
            One of those I use is a short film titled “Soar.” I identify with the ‘large size’ girl. I’d have been a pilot if a health issue hadn’t stood in the way. I wanted to soar, even if only a few feet off the ground. Alas it didn’t happen

            I use a game video in my high-school writers’ class. The game itself, League of Legends, is a shoot-em-up adventure filled with trolls and insult. It’s not a fun game, and the graphics are poor. But the CGI videos based on the game are good. The best of these is New Dawn. It tells a well-crafted story. The characters are cartoon realistic, if you know what I mean. I ask my class to observe the details, quizzing them about them after viewing the video. We relate what we see to story writing. There are others I like to, but probably they’re stand alone subjects.
            One of my friends sent me a link to work by someone (dunno if it’s a guy or girl) who publishes online using a nickname. I’m not posting the name on this blog. We’re mostly PG here, and some few young people come here. Curiosity would lead them where they probably should not go. SLE (we’ll call the artist that.) has posted work for about ten years. One can see his work go from fairly crude to pretty damn good. His best work involves fantasy creatures, bunny people.
            He hasn’t mastered the art of flexi hair, but he knows how to make an engaging face. Edited from one of his CGI videos is this face. It’s not the entire screen shot. I censored it for this blog. Besides, while he does butts well too, that’s not the point of this post

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