Sunday, August 28, 2016


A princess with beach float.

On the beach - France

Sisters and a Cousin

 Finding 'stuff'


  1. I need to send you a pic of Maggie at the beach.

  2. Top photo: Cute. One of your relatives?
    Next: She looks like a gypsy, wild and free.
    Next: Nice. Are they heading for a nude beach. The girl on the left looks sort of familiar.

  3. One of my relatives? I couldn't me more related if I tried. Gypsy? She'd be offended. She's over 40 now. Nude Beach? No, but it wasn't uncommon for little girls to be topless on French beaches. There's a photo of the girl on the left eating a bit of candy somewhere on this blog. Girl on the bottom photo is from much earlier. Young woman in previous post is mom to the two sisters.

  4. Pixie's family! You are all beautiful.