Sunday, April 03, 2016

On being kissy

It's no secret that I love my pet Scotsman. Even if we're not as young as we were when we first met, he still makes my heart flutter. He's touchable. If I manage to live to old age, and he does too, and we're fat and he's bald and forgets to shave, I'll still want to cuddle with him.

His best quality is his ability to listen patiently to me and to our girls. And believe me, sometimes that takes "the patience of Job." Oh, he has his faults. (He never hangs up his coat. It's a nag the tall man moment.) But that only matters when it's cold. It's warming up now. He'll fiddle in the yard, tracking in dirt and being generally smelly. That washes off, and I have trained him to take his shoes off at the back door.

Put him together with his friends and get them talking 'engineer-ish' things and life can become dull. I'm good at un-dullifying it. We played tag around the house this morning. It left me out of breath, and I surrendered first. My current meds leave me short of breath. But he's still fun to chase. And snuggle and Kissify.

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