Tuesday, April 19, 2016

All Hell is Going to Break Lose

            So ... in the dim, distant past, Elders (pastors) from the church my mother attended did their best to persecute me. Mind you, I wasn’t a member of their church, and, other than attending because I believed I owed it to my mother, I did not participate in any of their communal activities. Some few years ago, I petitioned the court for a restraining order against two of the local Elders. It was granted.
            One of the reasons I took that extreme step was their attempted interference with my job. They objected to a book I used in my literature class. I worked for the school district, and district policy was to offer alternative reading. I would do that even if it weren’t policy. Students are captives of a system, and it is unfair to subject them to reading they find objectionable. The book in question was Gideon the Cutpurse, a young adult time-travel novel. In the minds of these elders, time travel is  demonic. The school district restated the policy, the parent involved removed her child from my class, and I ask for and received a restraining order. (You Know I’m leaving out details.)
            This week I had another run in with elders from that church. I walked out my front door, stuck my key in the car door, and two of them zoomed up in their car. They’d been waiting for me. And Lo! I know these guys. They’re the two self-entitled creepy guys from my childhood. They’re now old and wrinkled, and one has false teeth and hearing aids. I haven’t seen them in at least 15 years; certainly enough time hasn't lapsed for me to want to see them in any setting. They’ve both moved here in the past few months. They were waiting, lurking outside my house.
            One pretended to be my long-lost friend. He was never my friend. The other was silent through an inane conversation about the other guy’s declining health. His only comment was to ask me where I worked now. I told him. I have no connection to this church. I reject its teachings and I reject their behaviors. I was polite. I will not be next time I see them.
            Some of my blog readers will say, “But we’re not like that.” You are. That’s you. Listen to your videos; listen to what you say; analyze what you think. This is your organization at its best. It goes down hill from this.
            My lawyer is contacting each of the local branches of this church. I will not be waylaid and spied upon by under-educated clergy of any denomination. If you have a comment to make, make it here, not through an email.


  1. Oh my! No wonder you are p**sed. I hope you made it clear they are not welcome on your property. I can't imagine what was going through their tiny little minds. Did they somehow believe after all these years you were ready to return to the foal?

    Tell 'em to come talk to me. I'm the agnostic, Southern Baptist who listens to the words of Christ and ignores the rest of the bull***t.

  2. An occasional reader11:07 PM

    I can only say here what I have said back-channel before, I am really sorry you have had such a negative experience in the past.

    What I find incongruous is the original issue. Now you know MY background. You know that my wife is a published author. She wrote a children's book a few years ago. It was used in some schools, because, as a teacher herself, she also provided an accompanying book of teacher's notes. And the main plot device of her book? Yup. Time travel.

  3. Dear Rachael, my dear friend as it is possible through an epistolary friendship. I do not know how you see me, but I see how you see my religion, a religion that I love, the religion of your mother and maybe of other your relatives and friends. I have always defended you in any way, I have prayed for you and your family, and I have also cried for you in some circumstances. That religion is my religion since my youth, for it at the age of 20 I have been one year in the jail because I didn't make the military service. I have been a brilliant young elder, and at the age of 26 I made my first speech at a district convention. For ten years I have made lectures at distric conventions. But in the year 2007 I was disfellowshipped, it doesn't matter the reason, I am a sinner like all the men on this earth. I cried bitterly. In that year I was angry and down for my situation, but I never missed a meeting, think, once I attended with 39 of fever. I loved, and I still love now, my religious brothers and sisters, generally I love all the people, it doesn't matter their religion, nationality, etc. I was sitting in a corner of the "church" in silence for a year. It was a joy for me when less than a year later I was again a brother. Now I have again a religious appointment in my church and I try to do it at my best. I preach to unfriendly people, under the sun, or rain. Several people became of my "church" through me, and some of them are elders now. I don't want to comment your past and recent experiences with some of my religion, but I am of that religion and I love it. I am, like Occasional Reader, really, really sorry that you have had negative experiences in the past, my words are sinceres, but I am sure your have also met good people of my religion. And I hope for a peaceful solution of the trouble you have talked of. Rachael I love my religion and I love you like my sister.

    If a day (it will never happen, I suppose) a curious Italian visitor with a bible in the hand, knocks at the house of a pixie in the northwest of America, I hope she will invite him inside for a good cup of black coffe, to talk of a boring religious history, and to make him know a Scottish dragon pet and the girls he pretends to be his adopted nieces. I suppose that in the evening they will talk again of old stamps, family history, and other things in front of a good dish of lasagne cooked from the curious Italian Guy.

    Ciao Rachael,
    Your (for always) friend Roberto

  4. Rachael, are you angry with us?

  5. With you and Occasional? No. I reject the behavior of a few abusive men. I know not all elders are like these men.