Monday, February 15, 2016

The Little Dancer


roberto said...

So, do pixies love dancing?

An occasional reader said...

Not really appropriate for a child dancing, but the tenuous link of the word “Dancer” brought to mind some words of a John Stewart song:

Because of a dancer,
The moon's on my shoulder,
Because of a dancer,
I´m waltzing through time.
And part of the answer
Is I'm getting no older
Because of a dancer,
I am holding the line.

And if it all comes down
To the whim of an angel,
And if it all comes down
To the toss of a coin,
And as we all go around,
We all get entangled,
Because of a dancer,
The circle is joined.

(From Rough Sketches - 1997)

❤CatNip❤ said...

How adorable! She's got that whole moving her torso thing down just wait until she gets much older and smooths out her moves. Wowsa!