Monday, January 11, 2016

Innocent to Disturbing Art

            Even though I’m home and sick, I’m supposed to be working on other things rather than a blog post. But, I just swallowed my daily dose of pills. I’ll sleep them off soon, then swallow the nasty liquid stuff that tastes like wormy apples and an iron supplement gone wrong.
            I mentioned on Twitter that we are donating a rare book to a sectarian archive. We’re waiting on a second email from them, because we offered them a related and equally scarce Bible. If they want it, we’ll ship them both at the same time. I hope this loosens their tight, secretive grip on some archival material.
            I had coffee with one of my sisters and my artist-illustrator friend. Friend Artist introduced me to the work of a Japanese artist. He calls himself a cartoonist. He straddles the line between fine art and Japanese anime. I’ve put two (I think it’s two) of his pictures on this blog back in the when. His work is lovely, and often disturbing. He paints children as sweet innocents and as sexual objects.
            The innocent, lovely pictures would honor any wall they graced. The other pictures, usually equally well done, are medieval and disturbing to the soul. Some of his work is dark without being pornographic. An example is a darkly violent presentation of Alice.
            Herewith are some of his paintings. Your opinions?

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  1. The picture of Alice is disturbing in that it goes against the common perception of the Lewis Carrol character.

    The other three are very sweet. Two of them speak to me of the innocence of youthful adventure, and one the innocence of natural beauty.