Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Deutschland at Port Arthur - 1898


  1. I've been busy lately so I hadn't commented on this photo. I love battleships. At the turn of the 19th century, England, France, Germany, USA, Russia, and Japan were all striving to create strong big gun all steam navies.

    I want to pose a question and see who answers it. I'll wait 4-5 days before I post the answer. What is the purpose of the horizontal booms suspended from the sides of the Deutschland?

  2. Uhm.... Do you want a serious or a fun answer? Tell me!!

  3. Serious. The booms were used to suspend torpedo nets away from the sides of the ship. The torpedo net was meant to stop a torpedo from exploding against the hull. In practice, torpedo nets were ineffective. The Japanese developed a form of scissors mounted on the head of torpedoes to cut through the net. The German and British navies used netting made of heavy cables that were considered torpedo proof.