Monday, October 12, 2015

Harry has started a new story ...

A Son’s Inheritance

“I need to tell you something
important my son.” Father breathed heavily and shifted uncomfortably as he sat
up in his bed. I had just brought him a cup of strong broth and we were alone in
his chambers. I pull a chair close and leaned in to listen.

“I need to tell
you about the portal. High up in the mountains where the spring flows that
begins the stream that becomes the Great River.” He paused to sip the broth and
take several breaths before he continued. “There is a cave. Follow the right
wall until you reach the portal.”

“What is this portal, Father, and why tell
me, your youngest son?”

“Because it is your inheritance. I know, I know,” he
patted my hand. “I will give you land and a house, your rightful share, but I
know your brothers. I am sad to say that they won’t obey my wishes and allow you
to keep what is rightfully yours.”

“The portal is a doorway to another world.
It’s a world like ours, but inhabited by a different people. I can’t tell you
much about it. I was only there twice and I had a pixie for a guide.”

pixie? One of those foul, blue insects that spoil the milk, and scratch and bite
the babies?”

“No my son. These are larger, looking human like us, except for
the wings, and female.” He smiled… “Very female. Her name was Sha’leya and she
showed me the portal and how to use it.”

“And this portal leads to her

He shook his head and took another sip from his cup. “No. Their world
and many others are reached through different portals. This one leads to one
world where I was able to gain a small fortune and return here to build our
holding and grow it to what it is today. You may find another portal there. This
other world, Daventh, is something of a crossroads. Many travellers can be found
there wandering through its wonders.”

He was stopped by a racking cough that
left him weak and sweating as he fell back into his furs. I sat by his side
holding his frail hand. The room slowly darkened; the only light coming from the
flickering flames of the hearth. Finally he gripped my hand with only a small
measure of its once great strength. I moved closer and he finished his story,
whispering his secrets to me with his final breaths. He died that night and I

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  1. My document formatting got all messed up. Next time I'll send Rachael the Word doc and let her copy/paste it from that. I hope you like the story. I'm trying to outline the full story now. One of the characters will be a talking cat, a witch, and a young pixie, daughter of the one I have already mentioned.