Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sometimes things go well ....

Illustration by Setouchi Kurage

            I’ve been stuck on a research point for a week. This has put me even more behind schedule than I was. Uncle B sent me pages from Eggleston’s Beginning of a Nation that solved the problem. Eggleston’s book is hard to find. I didn’t know he had a copy.
Much of what we're writing comes from our class lecture notes. But I’m fact checking everything as we go. So we’re behind. I’m taking what we have to the district print shop tomorrow to discuss formatting and such. We’ll issue it in parts, printing only enough for our two classes. When it’s done it can go to regular publication.
That means we get to experiment on this semester’s students, which is probably a good thing. We can fix the puzzling bits before it becomes a finished book.
Chapter one isn’t written. Uncle B said he’d write it sometime this week. But his health is so fragile, that’s iffy.
I saw photos of their new building and his new classroom. We both get new. Okay so I get mostly remolded, but it doesn’t look much like our old building. He gets totally new from the ground up. I’m only a little jealous. They built bookshelves and cupboards into my remodeled classroom. Lovely.

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