Friday, August 28, 2015

So ...

A certain religious organization that objects to anyone writing about them visits my blog regularly on an anonymizer. They think it can't be traced back to them. They're wrong. The purpose of their visits is two fold. They want to monitor what I write. In face to face dealings with them, I've even had them try to change my lesson plans for my school classes. I'm not a member of that organization, and I never have been. My mother was up to her death, and other relatives are. There are many worthwhile people associated with that religion. But their hierarchy is as obsessive and as abusive as Scientology.

They fear what I may write about them in volume 2 of Separate Identity. Yet, Mr. Schulz who is the series editor is one of their number, and exchanges emails with two of their "governing body helpers." That makes their behavior on my blog confusing, but not out of the ordinary. Their harassment changes nothing. I write solidly researched history. I don't gloss over anything, but I don't base what I write on controversialist, one-sided sources either. We draw our history from original sources.

Compared to their two principal, self-produced history books, ours is a paragon of historian's virtue. But because we do not buy into their myths, but seek the facts, we make them uncomfortable. They'll never quote from our work. They will pretend it does not exist. Even though we do not hurt them and have no anti-Watchtower agenda, they troll our web pages seeking some crumb of useful information to use against us, me in particular. This is wrong.

The Watchtower organization is plagued by a decades-long mythology. They support it in print by misstating events, attributing to their past leaders insights and conclusions borrowed from others, and by omitting facts that change the color of events. This is wrong.

I have great sympathy for many members of this organization. Some I know and love, and it is their faith that makes them lovable. But the behavior of a self-appointed hierarchy is not endearing. The immediate cause of their last visit - one that recorded from their organizational isp - was tweeting a snippet of a nice review of our profile of Nelson Barbour and his group. M. James Penton wrote it. Penton is a historian and former adherent. Because the review was by Penton, a Watchtower troll forgot to use his anonymizer and came to this blog through the Watchtower page, leaving behind a clear record of his visit.

Let me address myself directly to him. (It's always a him.) Your visits here are taken as harassment. You mean them to be such. And that's what they are. You've tried this before. It didn't work then, and it won't work now. Stop coming here; stop visiting any of my blogs. I've left out all sorts of details, but I'll gladly tell more of this story if you continue to come here.

Harassing me over a review simply because you do not like the reviewer is wrong. It's a sin, and you're a sinner.

For those who haven't seen Penton's comment, I've pasted it below, including the bit about publication formatting, something we agree with and repaired with Separate Identity:

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  1. Looking forward to reading your book. An elder posted this excerpt from your blog on Hopefully more witnesses will be made aware of the unscrupulous behaviour of the Watchtower hierachy.