Monday, August 10, 2015

Funny Stuff ...

In a prior post I included the Nolans singing "I'm in the Mood for Dancing." It never occurred to me that my kids had never heard this. It's caused a minor upheaval. My nice quiet time has turned into four of them (the fifth thinks she has better things to do ...) singing the song over and over.

One or the other of them interrupts and says something like, "No, that's not right" or some such thing. At this point they're sounding good ...


  1. I have never heard of the Nolans. Is that the name of the cartoon, or the voices behind the animation?

  2. An occasional reader10:48 PM

    The Nolans - generally known over here as the Nolan Sisters - were an Irish show-band group - hugely successful in their time. When the original group split up, Bernie Nolan (the one who died a couple of years ago) had a regular acting role in a British police procedural called The Bill. I was an avid fan of The Bill until it turned into a soap opera and died.

    But the power of music for memories. Don't get me started.