Saturday, August 08, 2015

2:28 PM

            I’m stressed today. Bad day in a dozen respects, mostly because I’m sickish. I have the curtains pulled and the lights off. The house is quiet, and my mind is melting. I came home from work sick.
            We hosted a charity event last night, donating the space and security to the charity. They had a live auction, a silent auction, and a raffle to raise money. It went well, but their music was too loud and I had to tell them to lower the volume. Understand this was a bunch of rich folks feeling good about themselves for giving money. I have no problem with that. I approved the donation of space and employee time.
            I do have a problem with people showing up in skimpy dresses that are more appropriate on the corner of Fourth and Pine where the whores hang out. But we see that here often enough, though the whore-dresses worn last night prolly cost 100 times those on Fourth Avenue. Squeezing your girlfriend’s butt in the lobby is probably not too civilized either. But by that time everyone was pretty much drunk.
            We had a dedicated table. All the big donors did. So three of my staff and myself had a nice dinner (cooked by our chefs) and listened to the loud noise and ate pastry donated by a local specialty bakery. The most positive thing was a conversation with the bakery owner. We may do business.
            The noise made me ill. Noise tends to do that. I like quiet. The explanations are long and complex and related to my health history. So, I won’t elaborate.
            I had to shuffle schedules and worked part of the previous shift and part of my own. But at least I got to bed earlier than usual. (The sun wasn’t coming up.)
            Annie seems to have discovered that boys aren’t always icky. I’ll have to keep an eye on that. The boy in question belongs to my mother-in-law’s new neighbors. Annie doodles on sticky notes; some of the drawing are quite good. Liz bought her a sketch book. I hope she keeps at this. One of my cousins is a talented artist who simply gave it up. She lost interest in it, which seems a great shame.
            My artist friend illustrator person sent me a file full of anthropomorphic art. Some of it is excellent. I can’t post any of it that matters. This is a mostly PG blog. I may selectively edit one picture and label it as “goat girl and her pet.” We’ll see.
            Now, at 2:28 pm, I’m putting my cell phone on charge and going to bed until near time for work.

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  1. I hope you will feel better soon. Rest. Hugs.