Saturday, July 18, 2015

Why Muslims will never achieve Civilized Status

From Pakistan Today.

A widow’s young daughter was gang raped by three accused in village Shadiwal-Kotli Loharaan on Sunday.

Rubina said that three men including Usman and Mudassar of neighbouring village Dinga sent poisoned cold drinks to her home for Iftar, consuming which her family was left unconscious.

Later, the men took her young daughter R****, 16, to a nearby Haveli, and gang-raped her, she said. The girl became unconscious and the men fled away considering her dead, she claimed.

Locals found the girl in critical condition and shifted her to a hospital.

The grieved family staged a demonstration in front of the Kotli Loharaan Police Station and kept the traffic blocked for an hour by burning tyres on Sialkot-Kotli Loharaan Road, demanding immediate arrest of the alleged rapists.

According to the victim’s family, the accused were politically influential and were still at large. Besides, they were threatening the family of dire consequences for reporting the matter to the police, they said. The police have however registered a case but no arrests have been made so far.


In a separate incident in Pasrur, Saddar Police on Sunday arrested Ashraf from village Basra Shaamey Wala on charges of raping his daughter.

The 16-year-old victim told the police that her real father had been raping her forcibly for the last two years. The police have sent the accused behind the bars after registering a case against him. Further investigations were underway.


  1. I can't believe. Why they make these disgusting acts?

  2. An occasional reader6:29 AM

    The treatment of women in Pakistan was highlighted in a modern folk song The Streets of Lahore by The Young 'Uns. Here is a link to a video:

    The film is a bit arty perhaps, but really gets going towards the end when all three harmonize. They have just won the top folk award in the UK. We saw them at a recent folk festival and attended a harmony workshop they conducted. For all the serious subject matter of this particular song, their in-between-song patter is hilarious. The accordion player is blind. They get their professional name when all the grizzled old folkies in their local folk club kept on saying - let's hear something from the young 'uns...

  3. To answer Roberto. This is a culture that has always treated women as property. Their religious laws often override civil laws. It is a corrupt society.