Wednesday, July 08, 2015


So ... a stamp and ephemera dealer I occasionally buy from listed a bulk lot of German stamps, all officials. Officials are stamps printed for Government use. They are all used. Many of them aren't worth anything; they're common. A few of them are exceptional. I won this auction. So I'm a pleased Pixie. Now, understand that I own most of these in similar condition. But note the orange ten pfennig stamp. That saw brief use. New (mint) it's something you buy in a packet for a dollar or two mixed in with other stamps. Used it lists in European catalogs at six hundred Euros. I've looked for a good example for years.

The nice thing is there are two other stamps in this two page lot that I do not have used. They aren't nearly so expensive, but they are hard to find. There were four other bidders, but no-one bid more than a few dollars. I love it when I find treasure for pennies!

The Key Part of the Lot I just Won at Auction. 

This completes by collection of German Official Stamps issued before 1940.

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