Monday, July 20, 2015

I think a minor change fixes most issues

Green was a young Englishman from a respectable family, but with “extravagant and wicked habits.” None of the records clearly say what his wicked habits were, but they all emphasize his bad behavior. Because of his conduct, his friends and family abandoned him, and he was almost a beggar when he met Henry Hudson who felt pity for him and wanted to, one historian says, “reclaim him from his worthless ways.” We don’t know what Hudson’s motives really were, but Henry bought him clothes and fed him. He invited Green to accompany them, not as part of the crew but as his companion and secretary. He promised Green wages and that on their return he would help Green become one of the Prince of Wales’ Guards. Henry Hudson sent someone to Green's mother to ask for money to purchase clothes for the voyage. She was reluctant to fund more bad behavior, but finally gave five English pounds, telling Hudson’s messenger not to give it to her son but spend it in his behalf.  

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