Friday, July 24, 2015

From Amy Goddard: Trials and Tribulations and a luscious Voice

Note from the Pixie. The title is my doing.

Too may hats... Organisational musings... Who are you again?

After 6 months or more of spinning so many plates there's a serious risk of them all landing in a heap (with me underneath them) I have been trying to work out a way to organise my time.

I teach Monday to Thursday but have a variable amount of time in the morning on these days before my students come, time to build that guitar that's been commissioned, time to finish my second album and get it released before the kind people who wrote good reviews of the first album have forgotten who I am, time to clean the house, walk the dog, and do lesson preparation so my classes don't begin with 'Who are you? What instrument am I supposed to be teaching you today?

First I tried a daily schedule. Monday was housework day, Tuesday was for song recording, Wednesday was guitar building day and so on. I find lesson prep is best done each day for that day's classes to avoid the risk of forgetting it again before the lesson. But I just couldn't get on with that sort of schedule. Something would invariably happen to stop a day's scheduled activity. The dog would be sick and I'd spend the morning waiting at the vets or some other such disaster. Then I would be left with the question... 'do I do Tuesday's tasks on Wednesday or do they wait till next week?' Oh the mental torment!

Then there's the guilt-trip... 'Should I really be holed up recording a song when the contents of the airing cupboard are threatening to eat me every time I open the door to wedge something in there?'

So, I came up with a new plan... drum roll... A weekly rotating schedule!

The idea is that, apart from essential housework and teaching, each week has a main focus. I don't have to worry that there may be something more important that I should be doing, that's next week's problem. I started with workshop week and worked on the guitar build. Then it was housework/maintenance week...yawn! I rediscovered the airing cupboard though and found some summer clothes to wear before summer is over. This week... was recording week...ahhhhhhh! Guilt-free-I-earned-this-time recording week. Two more tracks for the new album in the bag.

Sneak preview available here:


  1. You seem to be as busy as Rachael. If a airing cupboard is the same as we Yanks call a clothes hamper, I understand. The one in my son's room something to avoid at all cost.

    On the other hand, your song is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Harry, glad you enjoyed it. An airing cupboard is a place to put clean washing for it to air before putting away. They used to house the hot water tank and therefore be a warm place. Nowadays everyone has combo boilers that heat on demand so there's no hot water tank. Generally the modern airing cupboard will have a radiator in it so it should be warm at least in winter when the heating is on. It's also the place odd socks go to die!

  3. Excellent Amy. Very nice song.
    I put the link of your new song in my personal Facebook page.

  4. Thanks Roberto! Glad you enjoyed it.