Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fannie Virginia Casseopia Lawrence - Slave Child


roberto said...

Slave Child? How was possible?????

Harry H said...

Sadly, if you had any African ancestors, the saying was "one drop of black blood", that made you black as well and subject to slavery in the Deep South. Many black women had white-skinned children (from white fathers) who were slaves. It was a dark (no pun) period of American history.

An occasional reader said...

There was a documentary on one of the British TV channels this last week on the abolition of slavery in the UK in the 1830s. While a great step forward, what caught my attention was the fact that the British government had to pay out the equivalent of billions of GBP in compensation. Thousands of people, from genteel ladies in suburbia to clergymen to business companies, had investments in slaves in faraway places like the Caribbean – often places they had never been to - much like you and I may have the odd investments today. So the deal was that they all had to be compensated for their loss. The former slaves of course got absolutely nothing.

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