Saturday, July 18, 2015

Delightfully Messy

I'm not home. I'm off at my aunt and uncle's place where my daughters have wandered for the weekend. They wanted to attend a religious convention. Aunt S and Uncle B squeezed them and their sleeping bags into the second bedroom and on to the living room floor. Knobby Knees said that was too much and got us a room in a hotel. It has a pool. And good food.

I attended the convention with them this morning. I don't believe as they do, exactly. We share some beliefs in common but differ widely in some areas. But ... this morning's session was delightful. Good sense stuff, things everyone should hear. It's always nice when pure gospel is preached. One bit of nonsense showed up, a hold over from 19th Century prophetic speculation. I doubt that God thinks worse of them for the belief.

I admit to baby watching. So? I like babies. One harried mother with too many children to handle was trying to change a diaper in one of the women's restrooms. I entertained her other children while she did it. She thanked me, calling me "sister." I didn't explain my relationship to their fellowship. I just chatted her up for two minutes and wished her well. Most of these people don't have a prejudiced bone in their body. Accordingly there were many mixed marriages: Black-White; Hispanic-White; Black-Hispanic. This is the way life should be.

Most of the speakers were good. One was so-so. My take on his ability is that he's great with a smaller crowd, but before several thousand people he became nervous.

I left early because I started to get sick. I walked to our hotel room; it's not that far from the convention center. So that's pretty much today.

But let me tell you about last week ... I'm trying to finish our Colonial History textbook. We're behind, but that's not unusual. The world won't end if we don't finish by September first. We'll use the district print shop to produce it in parts. Then when it's finished it can go to real publication.

I bought a box of stamps at a yard sale. It's nasty, or was. I came out of a storage shed. Mice had peed and worse in the box, and it was full of dried weeds. The people selling it had a sign on it reading, "Rare stamps. $100.00 or Offer." I offered three dollars and the woman said 'sold.' So ... when I take a break from writing history, I work on this box. [Think surgical mask, rubber gloves, and soapy warm water.] I pulled out all the things the mice didn't contaminate. The rest I've gently soaked in warm water.

Most of the stamps are so-so and most are things I have. But ... near the bottom were pages of early Hungarian stamps stuck together with mouse pee. (Ewwww!) I put sprayed them down with an enzyme cleaner that doesn't hurt paper and dumped the lot in a small tub of warm water. Worked wonders. And the nice thing is there were many early stamps that I did not have in my collection. But now I do.

Most of the shades, color differences in the same issue, are in this group. My old album is hardbound and doesn't allow for extra pages. (My grandfather bought it back in who knows when.) I've put the new additions in my albums, doing my best to find a place for the varieties. It's left some pages a bit messy, but I'm delighted anyway.  So here are the album pages as they now are [remember, I don't take good photos; you have to live with these]:

The stamp that appears torn is just curled from soaking. It will straighten out


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    Glad you enjoyed some of convention and please give our best regards to Bruce.