Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pixies, not Fairies .... and I TOLD you so!


Harry H said...

I do believe. I do, Ido, I do believe!

An occasional reader said...

I was a little surprised that 42% of those who watched this video on YouTube clicked "dislike".

Concerning real fairies and pixies - an Occasional Trivia moment - my grandfather is actually buried in the same Bradford cemetery as Frances Griffiths - one of the two girls responsible for the Cottingley Fairies. The girls traced pictures of fairies from Princess Mary's Gift book, and stuck them on trees and stuff with hatpins. They took photographs starting in 1917. In those pre-Photoshop days it caused a real stir - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed the photos were real, and I mean - if the writer of Sherlock Holmes believed... It caused a considerable fuss, and embarrassed the girls later in life. You can see the camera used and the original photographs in National Film Museum in Bradford.

But (no doubt like Harry) I used to shout out with all the rest when we thought Tinkerbell was going to kick the bucket!

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