Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On Being Stuck

So … I haven’t written much in the last four or five days. I’ve been more than a little sickish; I slept away all of Monday except brief periods when I woke to pee or what ever. But I’m back to pounding the keyboard today. Not very successfully, but still …
            Knobby Knees fed me coffee and a cookie this morning. It was about all I felt like. I ate a frozen Mexican thingie for lunch. And sipped more coffee. I’m about two weeks behind in my textbook project. I should say “our project.” This is built out of my lecture notes and my writing partner’s notes, student project pages, and other things we’ve written on the subject over the last ten years or so. We don’t teach glossed-over history, but we do have to meet the needs of gifted and talented lower grades.
            We intend the vocabulary to challenge students. This is risky. Students are lazy. That goes for adult students too. So we are caught between making it simple and making it complex. I can see we will have to tone down the vocabulary in places.


            I get stuck on the matter of detail. Detail makes a good story. But the course we’re framing is eighteen weeks long, not a full year. So I puzzle over what to include. I get stuck, feeling as if I’m hanging over a nest of thorns. Pixies feel that way sometimes no matter what’s happening.

            On to other things …

            Someone told me that the original airport here was way on the north east part of town. I looked on google maps and couldn’t see any sign of it, but there are bunches of old buildings out there. Best I can tell from driving out there is that the only remaining building from the 1920 airport is now a ratty office for a trucking company. It was originally a two door fire house, but it’s been remolded enough that it’s not very recognizable. I collect mail sent through Varney Airlines, later to become United. But I’ve become interested in local email service too. I just don’t know enough to start a rational collection. I’ll keep poking at this.

Varney Airlines Contract Air Mail [C. A. M. 32] and United Airmail

            Two of my coffee mob came by yesterday bringing me two donuts and a large Starbuck’s regular coffee. It helped cure my feelings of isolation. All I’ve done for most of a week is sleep, write a little, and go to work.
            Aunt S. called this morning. She’s still not super; her memory problems persist. But she wants to come down for a day or so. If uncle B is up to it, they’re really welcome.
            Oh, one other thing: Remember my snit over a visit to this blog by via a certain Brooklyn based ISP? Occasional suggested I was dealing with a young ‘un more interested in fantasy fiction than anything else. I followed his visits to this blog, and OR is right. Has to be a kid. So I’m un-peeved.
            Most of my classes for 2016 are full. Three are not. One only has a single student registered. If more don’t register by end of July we’ll drop that class.
            I’m behind on housework of the serious kind. By summer break I’ve usually torn apart the kitchen cabinets for a thorough cleaning. I haven’t done it yet. So, how was your day?

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  1. Somedays, my days are inspired by you.