Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sandra Cormier!

Thanks to Rachael for inviting me to hang out on her blog. We go back a few years, and we shared the angst of query letter writing together. In the spirit of pixies and woodland creatures, I will share with you a story about Mrs. G.

I live in a fair-sized town, so when wildlife comes to play, I participate wholeheartedly as long as they don't drink too much beer and wreck the place. Our house sits across the street from a wooded conservation area, where feathered and furry creatures abound. Sometimes I feel like a Disney Princess, except the animals don't clean my house while I sing.

We have skunks, raccoons, foxes, chipmunks, Cooper's hawks, songbirds, bunnies and groundhogs. While the raccoons and skunks are annoying, they still deserve a fair shake, as long as it's not under my house. And stay out of my garbage.

However, I've allowed the local groundhog – let's call her Mrs. G. – to use the area under my porch as a nursery.

Last weekend, while I had my morning coffee on my little deck, Mrs. G thumped around under the deck boards, dragging stuff around as if rearranging the furniture. She sounded as large as a dog when she scratched herself. She popped up from under the stairs to check me out.

Later that morning, I heard a sound through the window, so went onto the porch to peek through the screen door. Mrs. G was in the process of making off with a folded tarp I had on a low shelf.
I asked, "What are you doing?" She freaked out, dropped everything, and ran.
I said to Mark, "How much do you wanna bet she'll try to steal that tablecloth?" I pointed at a cheap dollar store vinyl tablecloth that sat on a low table. I took the tarp inside.

A half hour later, I returned from the store, and discovered she had indeed attempted to purloin the tablecloth. I imagine the flannel backing was just too inviting to resist. Problem was, it had a heavy extension cord reel on top so all that resulted was few tugs and some claw marks.

Since it was now ruined, I gave up and threw it under the porch stairs so she could pull it underneath when she was ready.

I saw her two yards over, stuffing her little face with greenery.
An hour later, the tablecloth had disappeared. Therefore, she has either dragged it under the porch, or to a neighbouring yard. I suspect her nest is now ready under my porch. We shall see if I hear little baby groundhog snuffling in the coming days.
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H said...

It's usual for newbies to include a photo of themselves in their first post so that we know with whom we are relating.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Sandra, Ignore H. He's being a troll.

Griffin said...

Enjoyed the tale.

What's a goundhog?

Sandra F. Cormier said...

I suppose I should have included a picture of my lovely self, but I'm a humble gal. If you're that curious, H., Google me. I'm all over the place.

Update on Mrs. G: She took a towel yesterday, then moved her babies in. They are quietly snuggling under the porch.

H said...

Many thanks, Sandra.

Wistful, enigmatic and truly ethereal.

Harry H said...

Welcome to our little madhouse here. I am sure that you and Mrs. G will fit right in.

Allow to introduce myself. I am Harry Hancock, a somewhat demented retired teacher and chief stalker of our favorite pixie. In many ways I am an old fashioned southern gentleman. My mama taught me manners and my daddy enforced the lessons.

I live in Virginia with my wife of 40+ years. We have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Other than my unfulfilled desire to meet Rachael in person, life is good.

Harry H said...

I think whoever H is, he needs to choose another initial.

roberto said...

Harry .... Genius, but H. is not bad
Sandra, wellcome.

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