Friday, May 29, 2015

Note on post below --

Okay you old guy Americans who read this blog ... Is this better, more engaging then what you had in grade school?


  1. Griffin2:48 AM

    Encouraging to see there is no pro-native American bias in this account - so much 'history' taught to youngsters promulgates untruths.

    Would have liked to have seen much more about the significant English support - and of course the Welsh invasion of Patagonia is also a well-chronicled event.

  2. Occasional isn't that old, so he wasn't in Patagonia.

  3. Griffin3:56 AM

    "Occasional isn't that old"

    You sure?

    He recently had a 'significant event' which was celebrated with a 'meals-on-wheels' (a social service for the elderly, disadvantaged) special meal complete with candles (several).

    And, yeah, he exhibits all the traits of the Welsh - small, dark, elfin and fickle, with a tendency to burst into ill-advised song at the drop of a pointy hat.

  4. I don't think Occasional eats cake with candles on it. Candles would hurt your stomach.

  5. An occasional reader4:52 AM

    Can anyone join in?

    You have to realize that the pointy hat is part of it...

  6. An occasional reader6:18 AM

    Ah - now that would be telling...

    I will leave you with (incorrect) visions of Welsh Druids meet Morris Dancers...

    What an awful thought...

  7. "I don't think Occasional eats cake with candles on it. Candles would hurt your stomach."

    I am laughing!!!

  8. Although all of this is amusing, back to your original question. If my memory serves me right, the gist of the text in my history books was that Magellan was the first European to sail to the Pacific around the tip of South America. That and he died before he could return to Europe. What you have written is far more detailed and interesting.

    I was unfamiliar with Morris Dancing until I just googled it. I think together, Griffin and OC would make a good team.

  9. Griffin8:57 AM

    How come when I make polite comments about HH, they are censored and when he makes snide asides about me, they are included?

    Actually, on reflection Harry and Morris Dancing are a match made in heaven.

  10. Griffin10:29 AM

    Yeah, that works!

  11. An occasional reader11:31 AM

    Mysterious poster H suggested that Sandra post her real picture here. Having seen this Photoshop production I think we can see why that would be A BAD IDEA...

  12. Griffin11:56 AM

    "Having seen this Photoshop production I think we can see why that would be A BAD IDEA..."

    P'raps it's time to see the Occasional Morris Dancer?

  13. 1. Who is Sandra?

    2. Am I the mysterious poster?

    2. Griffin. Admit it, you do rub people the wrong way, but having said that...

    3. I love the picture! It's a shame that I can't dance.

  14. 1. Her name is on her guest post. She's a long time friend. We suffered the first pangs of publication together back in the day. She's a fine artist; visit her blog. Friend her on twitter.

    2a. No you're not the mysterious "H". He's a troll we all know and sometimes love - sometimes not.

    2b. You forgot how to count?

    3. Morris dancing is pagan as heck. You can do it. Find a few friends to dress up and dance.

  15. Griffin2:15 PM

    Harry - this is what I admit: there is a cultural divide between the Welsh and Americans. I once read a book that described the Welsh as gourmets at the feast of insults. When they 'rub folk the wrong way', it is deliberate and actually a sign of affection. Occasional Reader and I are both English but have lived in Wales for many years. He is my oldest and dearest friend - we have known each other for more than forty years. He was my best man - and I conducted his marriage ceremony. For me, he therefore qualifies as someone to insult the most. And vice versa. I know you and Rachael often don't 'get' this, but there is nothing malicious or hurtful about what I post. Quite the contrary in fact.

    Glad you like the piccie. Some images just fall so neatly into place.

  16. An occasional reader2:19 PM

    Another Morris dancer joke.

    A man goes in to a pub and says "Do you serve Morris dancers?"

    "Oh yes" says the landlord.

    "Good" says the man. "I'll have a packet of crisps, and a Morris dancer for my dog"...

  17. On the subject of trolls (a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing an argument), may I humbly suggest that my original post was not provocative and wasn't intended to cause argument.

    By that definition, there is a troll on this board - though how one can be a troll at the same time as being a pixie is hard to understand. :-)

    Prolly something to do with shape-shifting.

  18. Griffin. I totally understand inside jokes and the insults old friends share. Having told me a bit of your history with Occasional, I see that I have misjudged you in the past. I more careful in the future not to insult you unless it is done with love. After all you can't help being English.

  19. Griffin3:02 PM

    #H At least we've done something to fill the vacuum which is this blog while Shael writes her "'Orrible 'Istories".