Thursday, May 28, 2015

End of School Year Evaluation

The comment section:

"Rachael completed another successful year. She has inspired future authors (our students) for many years now. (Since 2008 - Pixie) She sparks the imagination of young students. Rachael did a nice job communicating with parents. She participated in professional development and strand work which is appreciated. Though we would lose an excellent classroom teacher, Dr. de Vienne should pursue her administrator's credentials."


  1. I love it. They tell you that you are a good teacher and then suggest you leave the classroom. Most of the school administrators I worked with over the years were inept men who, using the Peter Principle, rose to the level of their incompetence. All the good administrators I knew were women.

  2. I have no intention of becoming an administrator. I like to teach; I don't like to deal with insanity more than a few students at a time.