Saturday, April 25, 2015

Working at Home; Pie, Shoes and Socks

So … I had Thursday off. But not really. I completed by class descriptions for next Fall’s catalogue. This is a time consuming and stressful project. It’s become more complex over the last two years. It’s not a fun task. Knobby Knees was home too. He abandons his office for work at home when a major project is due. He says he is less distracted at home, which maybe be true sometimes. Anyway … he turns off his cell, won’t answer emails, and uses me to block calls to the home phone. I never answer that anyway. It all goes to voice mail. Anyone who’s important has our cell phone numbers.

We slept in some – I slept longer than he did. I made coffee and took it up to his office area. He had his nose nearly pressed to the computer screen, and he was frowning.

“Here,” I said, setting the cup on his desk.

He didn’t look up. Now lack of attention can make a pixie flutter her wings. I fluttered mine, kissing him on the cheek.

“Thanks,” he said, still not looking up.

“Have you eaten?” I ask.

He nods. “Toast and strawberry jelly,” he says.

“I’ll make some bacon and eggs,” I say.

He nods again, finally looking away from his work. “You’re very distracting,” he says.

I blink. My hair is un-brushed; I’m in my old ratty bathrobe, I’m wearing my ratty terry slippers. My eyes are blurry from sleep. “You’re blind and a pervert,” I say.

He chuckles.




I shout up the stairs. The eggs are done; the bacon is prepared as he likes it. I’ve toasted bagels and spread cream cheese. He clumps down the stairs. “Kiss first,” I say.

He obliges.

“I won’t get anything done if you distract me,” he says.

“Okay,” I say. I won’t distract you. I have work of my own to finish.”




So … It’s about an hour later. I’ve sent my course catalogue entries off to the appropriate secretary and read my personal and school emails, one of which is a nagging email about lesson plans that aren’t really due for a week. I’ll have them done by Monday.

I look at the ceiling. Knobby Knees is up there, quiet, immersed in architectural designs and such. He probably could use a break and more coffee. I know I needed both. But I should probably get dressed first. So I do. Sort of. Maybe.

I carry a tray up the stairs. On it is a small carafe of coffee, a mug for me, the last two pieces of apple pie and two forks. I have to kick at the door because my hands are full and there’s no convenient spot on which to rest the tray. He opens the door and steps back to let me enter. I place the tray on his work table and smile.
Pie with Intent.

“Lass,” he says. “Just what I needed. …. Are you trying to distract me,” He adds.

I shake my head and pour the coffee. He’s already nabbed a slice of pie.

“Pretty shoes,” he says.

“Thanks,” I say.

“Did you plan on wearing anything else?”

“I’m wearing socks,” I say.
Shoes and Socks

“So you are …” His eyes drift upwards. “And a bracelet.”

“Yes,” I say.

“Can I finish my pie first?” he asks.

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  1. I want to be important. Call me. :)

    You must be feeling better. I say that, not because you are snuggling with KK during work hours, but because you say that you came upstairs carrying coffee cup and carafe plus two plates of pie; apple no less.

    Just a short while back you were having difficulty walking unassisted let alone climbing stairs with a tray of goodies.

    I hope I am right in saying you are better. Take care my dear Pixie.