Thursday, April 16, 2015

So .... I have this secret formula

So … I bought this ratty stamp. A nice example would cost about forty dollars. I paid about two dollars. No one else bid on it because, as you can see, it’s really ratty. But … its condition is curable.
Notice that it’s on a paper fragment. My best guess is that this is a fragment of an old album page and that the stamp was glued to the pages with mucilage. The glue accounts for the stain. Without the stain and the paper fragment, this is a nice stamp. So when it arrives I will soak it in warm water with a tiny amount of dish soap added. This will remove the paper and some of the stain. If it is a mucilage stain, I’ll add a drop of my secret, super-duper chemical and rinse it in clean cold water. The stamp will be stain free.
My secret is a bit of pre-wash stain remover. Don’t tell anyone. It is a secret.


  1. Your secrets are always safe with me. Of course I can't vouch for the NSA.

  2. Griffin10:57 PM

    The stamp BEFORE Pixie applies her magic formula:

    The stamp AFTER Pixie applies her magic formula: