Wednesday, April 22, 2015

More Nose Bleeding


  1. An occasional reader9:33 AM

    It was an interesting discussion. I was interested in the viewpoint expressed by one speaker that more than anyone else, it was Franz Xaver Joseph Conrad Graf von Hötzendorf, Chief of the General Staff of Austria-Hungary, who was responsible for what became the Great War. He was conducting a passionate affair with Gina von Reininghaus – sending her numerous letters each day and setting up trysts whenever he could – but she’s Catholic and won’t leave her husband. So he gets it into his head that if he is a successful war leader, she will change her mind. With a blank check from Germany the totally incompetent Austria-Hungarian army goes to war and gets virtually wiped out – Germany disingenuously disclaiming that they had no idea... Conrad finally gets Gina – they set up house in 1915 and – Catholic or not - she finally marries him. As one speaker put it – he gets the girl, but trashes the world...

    But I suspect this probably wasn’t the particular historical point the pixie had in mind...

  2. An occasional reader11:58 AM

    To my surprise, your latest post of Margaret MacMillan's lecture also touches on Conrad's passion for Gina as one piece in the jigsaw leading to war. See around 54 minutes into her lecture. The things we learn...