Thursday, April 16, 2015

Little Rabbits

I haven’t written about my daughters in a while. At their age they need some privacy. But I’m going to tell you about Annie. Anastasia isn’t the child of my earlier posts. Oh, she’s not all grow up, but she’s a maturing young ‘lady.’ She’s in between, I guess. She can still find pleasure in playing dolls with my baby half-sister. But she has developing intellectual and personal tastes.

            She likes to dress nicely. Of all my daughters, she is the one who will spend an hour with me looking through clothes at the Goodwill store. With patience, we find nice things. She found a like-new pair of Italian-made shoes. They sell for nearly two hundred dollars at Macey’s. These do not seem to have been worn.

            Annie is still attached at the hip to me and her sisters. She’s very social, a chatter box sometimes. She has definite beliefs, often at odds with some of her sisters. And she’s discovered tea. I prefer coffee. But she likes tea. Her grandmother collected tea cups and saucers. Annie has adopted a Copland set as her own. She boils her water, pours it in her cup and brings the cup, water and a tea bag into my work room to chat or read.

            If any of my children will turn to writing, it is she. I sent off some of her writing to a friend who is also a literary agent. Friend agent said that Annie was “immensely talented.” I agree.

            There is still much left of the little-girl Annie. She likes to snuggle. She can still annoy Isabella and will do that on purpose. Isabella in turn has always been Annie’s ‘protector’ and nag. But there is less need for that now, and their relationship is changing. Annie is not as impulsive as she was. Isabella isn’t the scold she was.

            Annie coaxes me into a cup of tea some days. Once she got out her grandmother’s silver tea set and made ‘high tea’ for us all. It was fun. We don’t make blanket ‘forts’ under the table or behind the couch unless my baby sister is staying over. Then the expert tent maker in Annie takes over. I still find Annie wandering the house at night, looking for a non traditional place to sleep. She’s done that always – well, at least since she could walk. Today she does it because (she claims) Kat ‘snorts’ in her sleep. Oh dear LORD and little rabbits!


  1. My granddaughter Maggie loves her blanket forts too.

    I agree about Annie's writing talent. Those posts she made for you while you were really bad off awhile back demonstrated she was a good writer and an engaging storyteller.

    Enjoy her as a child now (I know you will). She is only a year or two away from being a teenager. I hope the surge of hormones don't change her much.

    In the meantime, I'd love to have a cup of coffee, or even high tea with you any day.

  2. Little Annie. Yes she's a talented writer. Once Rachael said: Let me make a daughter in my image, according to my likeness.... Annie.
    Ma credo che tutte le tue figlie sono come stelle del cielo, e chi può dire chi è la più splendente?

  3. Ma credo che tutte le tue figlie sono come stelle del cielo, e chi può dire chi è la più splendente?

    What a beautiful sentiment! Yes all of Rachael's daughters are shining stars like their mother.