Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I think this is a Douglas DC-4E


  1. The tale configuration, although similar, is wrong for the DC-4E.

    This is the Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation which also had wingtip tanks to extend its range.

    My first commercial flight, when I was a young lad, was on a Vickers Type 700 Viscount turboprop operated by the now defunct Capitol Airlines. Our family flew from Washington DC to Cleveland Ohio to visit my mom's family for Christmas.

  2. OH thanks, Harry.

    My first flight was when I was seven. We flew from Pasco, Washington, to Seattle, then to NCY and then to London. I have no clue what type of airplanes we flew on.

  3. Griffin10:41 PM

    This photo is a fake.

  4. This photo, dear Griffen, is a post card, one of a series of similar views, published by the ariline.

  5. Griffin11:44 PM


    It's still a fake.

  6. Griffin12:19 AM

    It's all down to the outline of the plane. It's too crisp and well-defined.

    This is a feature of faked (or photoshopped) images. I've done enough of them to know. Nowadays, I blur the outline slightly which makes the photo look much more authentic.

    Take your photo of the German soldiers - clearly their British captors have been airbrushed out of the shot. Another fake!

    You have to ask, 'Why did the (German) airline produce a fake photo for a post card?'

    Might the (German) book referred to in another post also have airbrushed history?

    Just a thought....

  7. Have you sought counseling? Did you watch the video to the finish?

    On the photo, might be a fake, might also be the printing process used in 1956. All those dots and such.

  8. Griffin12:30 AM

    Here's the original photo:


  9. Griffin12:48 AM

    "Have you sought counseling? Did you watch the video to the finish?

    On the photo, might be a fake..."

    Yes, I sought counselling many years ago. I was far too gullible. I believed every history book I read and that every photo was genuine. More fool me!

    One senses a slight weakening in your stance on the photo. Perhaps the scales are falling.....

  10. An occasional reader6:50 AM

    Is this a private spat, or can anyone join in?

  11. Griffin8:28 AM

    "Is this a private spat, or can anyone join in?"

    Only if it's germane.

  12. Ma chère tante Sally culottes! Your photoshopped photo is worse than the photo you claim is fake. You didn't do a good job at all of masking off the area around the engine nacelles.

    Retouching a photograph made for a large commercial client like an airline was not uncommon in the past century. Years ago in one of my past lives I would alternately 'dodge' or 'burn in' a part of a black and white photo to bring out an important part or make it, as we Americans say, snap.

    FACT: the photo is of a Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation.

    FACT: Lufthansa, like many airlines around the world, flew the L-1049 in a variety of configurations.

    FACT: Griffin's comments generally bore me.

  13. He's a Brit; of course he bores you.