Tuesday, April 07, 2015

I have a headache but I wrote this anyway ....

I’m about to run off to teach my morning class. I don’t want to go. I want to stay in bed and sleep. Mostly all I want to do these days involves a pillow and closed eyes. But I forge on. The WA state Department of Education people are coming this month. They want to interview me and a few others about our program. They like us and use us as a model which is pleasing and intimidating.


My writing partner and I are reworking the outline for the chapter we’re writing. We had a major miscommunication. He thought I had material I did not. He was going to use it in chapter one. Nonsense! So a contributor to our history blog sent it along to me. Big surprise! I’ve griped, moaned, complained and now it will show up where it belongs.


Some days everything makes me unhappy. I know it comes from declining health and as a side-effect of my current medication. But knowing doesn’t make it better.


Oh … they’re doing major upgrades to our school over the summer. So we have to pack up everything. They’re basically building us a new building. Everything must move out in the interim. Fun huh? Not so much. Nice new stuff will be good. Packing stuff won’t be.

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  1. I was going to ask if you had Spring Break this week, but I guess it was last week.

    I'm glad your DOE is taking an interest in your programs. The unfortunate thing is that successful programs are often hard to duplicate unless you can clone the teachers too.

    When I was teaching I had to pack my room twice. Once it was for renovations, and the other time was to move to a new school. Make sure you label your boxes well. It makes it a little easier to locate once the school maintenance staff loses them over the summer. Also take anything valuable home.

    When we went through the renovation of our high school 20+ years ago, the construction crew stole anything not nailed down and a few items that were! The chemistry lab got hit hard.

    I've been a little down lately. We had a good state tournament for the organization I have work with for several decades. I have been on the state board of directors for 8 years. At the board meeting the day after the tournament it was brought up that my current 2 year term was up.

    When I was asked it I wanted to continue in my position, It became very clear that I was expected to decline. Another member quickly nominated a replacement. Caught flatfooted, I bowed out as gracefully as I could. Then I went home and bought a large Lego robotics kit to play with.