Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back in Ancient Times

Aunt S and Uncle B back when he had hair!


  1. They area very handsome couple. I'll have to find and scan one of our wedding photos for you, and you can post one of you and Knobby Knees too.

  2. An occasional reader5:31 AM

    So can we ask how long they have been married?

    And regarding your own wedding photographs - did KK wear his kilt?

  3. They've been married almost 50 years.

    KK and his kilt? A lady never tells what's under a man's kilt even if everyone already knows.

    I'm no be postin' me weddin' pitchers.

  4. 50 years? That sounds right when I look at Uncle B's haircut and glasses. They just scream mid-1960s. I said they were a handsome couple. I need to revise that. Aunt S was a gorgeous bride.

    As for the kilt, OC just wanted to know if he wore one on his wedding day, not if he was packing a concealed weapon under it.

  5. Che bella foto. E loro sono bellissimi. E io credo che sono bellissimi anche ora, dentro e fuori.
    Anche voi siete bellissimi, e vi voglio bene.