Monday, February 09, 2015

The New Bookshelves

Okay, so I don't take good photos. But ... here are the new booksleves, about half organized. The shelf on the left has on the top shelf leather-bound classics; the rest is history. The shelf on the right has history on the top shelf, and the rest are all childrens' and young adult books.


  1. Griffin12:54 AM

    'Tis always so sad to see a wonderful collection of books which are clearly not used - witness the nicknacks on the shelves in front of them. They wouldn't last five minutes in my study..... :-)

  2. Such presumption. Of course they're used. The phrase "bull in a china closet" comes to mind. You are too lazy to move things?

  3. An occasional reader2:26 AM

    'Tis a picture of order compared to my study...

  4. An occasional reader2:48 AM

    Show us the ZWT ones.

  5. Griffin3:11 AM

    On the subject of books, O Sweet Pixie, you may be diverted to know that when checking my latest offering, the on-line proof reader kicked out no less than five sentences which it said were in the passive voice!

    Strangely, when I corrected the default settings of the program from American to UK English, there were NO such corrections.

    It's all a matter of mindset, you see.

    This can be corrected.

  6. Brits are addicted to passive voice. Bad, Bad BAD

  7. Griffin7:21 AM

    "Brits are addicted to passive voice"

    Shouldn't that be "The passive voice is an addiction for Brits"?

    In any case, Occasional Reader had checked the contentious passages and had passed them.

    I can't imagine anyone less passive than him.

  8. They say third time is the charm. I tried this twice earlier from my cell phone with no success.

    No fair having a conversation in the middle of the night while I am trying to get my beauty sleep!

  9. Hi Rachael
    Nice bookshelves, really. and I see the touch of a woman, all those little things above the shelves, I like it ..... In the second photo I see a medal, what is it?
    Ciao !!