Thursday, February 12, 2015


Times New Roman font is broken. I've done the windows fix and a fresh install of Word. It is still fuzzy on my screen, barely readable. It's just as bad in WordPerfect. None of the other fonts seem to be affected, just TNR. It prints just fine.

I'm an unhappy pixie. Any ideas?


  1. See email.

    I think your font file is corrupted.

  2. Griffin11:30 PM

    This joke I don't get!

  3. I didn't know they still make WordPerfect. I prefer san-serif fonts myself, but I know publishers want specific fonts.

  4. Griffin9:50 AM

    As a general rule, use fonts with serifs for the printed page and sans serif fonts for web pages.

    For my forthcoming book after reading that this font was the sure sign of an amateur's publication, I switched from Times New Roman to Courier. Took me four days to do and cost me a pain in my chest.

    Won't make that mistake again!