Tuesday, February 03, 2015

From Harry

I should be feeling good today. The Patriots managed to make an interception in the last minute of the game to maintain their lead and win the Super Bowl, (Pixie says, "Who cares?") but today is Groundhog’s Day and I woke up with the stomach flu. My wife and I were going to take the twins to the Children’s Museum, but by the time we got to their house I collapsed in a chair and pulled a blanket over me. That wasn’t all I did, but you don’t need the gruesome details.

Why did it matter that today is Groundhog’s Day? Simple, it’s my Mom’s birthday. I would feel crappy today without the flu. I miss her so much today. We used to joke about whether she would go out and see her shadow and how long winter would last. There are two other birthdays in February, mine and my daughter. We would just have one big dinner during the month to celebrate all three birthdays, but it was always Mom’s choice of which restaurant.


  1. Hi Harry, I see sadness when you speak of your dear Mom. Surely she was a great great great good WOMAN and MOM, and you are the evidence. Why don't you tell us something more of her. I want to know her name, character, habits, passions, and her relationship with you. Bring a flower at her grave from me.

  2. It's hard to write about Mom now. But if you want to read and see photos of my mom and dad when they were in the army you can go to the post I wrote a few years ago for Rachael.