Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Toe curling

            Some things amuse me and some are mildly distressing and some are just stupid. Can you tell I have complaints and concerns?

            Two of my classes ended for the semester today. They’re both lower-grades history classes. [We teach US history more intensively than most schools. First semester considered the era from the arrival of the first natives to just before the American Revolution. Next semester will take us up to near modern times.] So … we watched a movie in my 2-3 grade class. [Long John Silver to be exact.] We’d studied pirates, hence the movie.

            I let the students find a comfy place on the carpet. Two of the little girls stretched out near my chair. They can’t keep their pants up. I’ve talked to them before. But they’re oblivious. So one ended up giving me a really clear view of her pudgy butt, and the other let her pants creep down until there was almost nothing hidden from a front side view.

            I shouldn’t have to teach modesty to little girls. That’s their parent’s job. There is a time and place to be naked. But not at this age, not in my class, and never in school. … 

            The 4-6 grade class watched the same movie, though less of it because we had an elementary assembly that cut into class time. In that class I have a compulsive talker, rude, brash, and overweight by three times his expected weight. He never blows his nose. He has chronic sinus problems. I usually plunk down a box of Kleenex and tell him to “blow it.” Not that he ever does. He would rather sniff and slurp snot down his throat. He’s also nearly deaf. His parents don’t address either issue. So he’s full of snot and endlessly asking, “What did you say?” or “What did she say?”

            I thank God that I won’t have him or his lazy brother in any of next semester’s classes. Did I mention that I don’t like his parents either? I see I did not. Consider the statement made.

            My open house exhibits are all ready. That’s a relief. I have another day of parent conferences. They’ve all gone well so far. For privacy reasons I can’t post student work here, but I can tell you about one of my students. He has a history that no child should have, and as a result, he is accompanied by an adult to each class. He is in my creative writing class [4-6]. He came to us late in the first semester, and while we usually address the needs of talented, bright young people, we’re also able to tackle other issues. His first story was a scribble, but he took off in my class. His last story was a three page, single spaced story full of imagination. I have better writers in that class, but none who’ve progressed so quickly or so far. Events like this one make teaching worthwhile.

            I think OR believes I’m neglecting Mr. Adams. I am. I’m still looking at Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones was a fornicator, not quite a pedophile but maybe close, a thief, a liar, and a number of other bad things. He was also talented and lazy. I like him better than Mr. Adams who was just mentally creepy. I’ll get to Adams soon enough.

            So … I’m reading a volume from the Cambridge Medieval History. Dry, but interesting. Lots of dirty old men and wenches and such. I even found a reference to one of my distant ancestors and his mistress. Such family scandal!

            Daughters 2 and 3 were in Seattle on a school trip. Both brought me home a present. (And one for everyone else too.) They’ve been emotionally attached at the hip since infancy, but apparently they didn’t consult each other in the matter of presents. Dau 2 bought me a Space Needle coffee mug. It’s very nice. Daughter 3 bought me a Starbucks mug, also very pretty. It has pretty pink followers on it. I like pink. One can never have too many coffee mugs.

           I met one of the new teachers today. She’s a music teacher and gives individualized lessons in piano. She’s very nice, very smart too. I see a potential addition to our coffee mob.

            Did I ever tell you that my pet Scotsman is a good kisser? He just reminded me that he is. I think my toes are still curled.


  1. An occasional reader2:42 PM

    I am sure you will get to grips to the last detail possible with both Adams and Jones in due course.

    Both men wrote a lot. One became Universalist (we’ll all be saved eventually) and the other became more and more secular (what can you believe? - who knows? – so just keep your fingers crossed). I have some material from both, but just because I have it doesn’t mean I’ve actually sat down and read it. So I can’t really nag Rachael to do so. Well – I can – but there’s an obvious answer to that. Adams ended up old and self-important, with a nice big monument in the graveyard. Jones ended up destitute and buried under the freeway. There’s a poster on a history blog who likened Jones’ life to that depicted in William Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress.

    I agree that Jones was probably far more interesting - just as long as he wasn’t living next door you.

  2. Gentlemen,
    I am sure neither of these old dead guys are as interesting to Rachael as kissing her pet scot. I know I prefer kissing girls to reading about old dead guys any day of the week.

  3. I want a sit-com with O.R. and Harry.