Saturday, January 24, 2015

Since I started this blog ...

We just passed 200,000 views. ...


  1. An occasional reader11:47 PM

    Let's just make that 200,001...

  2. 200,002! Happy for you Rachael.

    I would be happy for myself. But I am not these days.

  3. Roberto! I'm sorry you're unhappy. How can I help?

  4. We all have those days, or weeks. I hope your problems pass quickly.

    And my dear Pixie. Keep writing and we'll keep reading.

  5. You've already help me with your personal interest, thanks dear Princess. You, and the other friends of this blog are faraway from me, but you all are in my heart.
    I have many friends here in Italy, they are helping me. Only few days and I'll be better with my mood. I need time.

    Note - Please delete my previous comment.