Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I went treasure shopping today. I didn’t buy much, though there were some nice things. I passed by a partial set of Limoges. It didn’t appeal to me. But I found a depression era creamer and sugar in clear glass to buy. I don’t know the pattern. I’ll research it later. They were coated with old kitchen grunge, but a little soap and water made them look as new.

            I passed on some Ruby Glass items. I almost bought someone’s framed sketches. I may check back in a day or so. They were very well done. And I bought two books: 

Laurie R. King’s The Art of Detection. [If you haven’t read her Holmes mysteries, you’ve missed out.] and Sarah Bradford’s biography of Disraeli. Most biographers treat him more kindly than he deserves. We’ll see if this is any better. 

            I came home worn to the bone, even though I only teach two classes on Tuesdays. My eyes hurt, especially the one with lens replacement surgery.

            I don’t work tonight, and I intend to crawl into bed early, read something, and after a snuggle sleep the night away.
Honey, I found this on the pastry shelf. It seemed so lonely. Can I buy it?

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  1. Next week I'll go to meet my girlfriend (it will take six hours by car). She's arranging a day-shopping-tour.
    Should I be worried?