Monday, January 19, 2015

Maybe Virginia but I don't Know.

How good a detective are you?


  1. This is just my impression. I can derive no data from the photos to prove or disprove my theories.

    These photos are most likely early 20th century based on the sharpness of the primary subjects in the photos. People and particularly the animals are not blurred like the could be in a long exposure necessary for film emulsions in the mid to late 1800s.

    This looks like a frontier town. Virginia in 1900 had been settled for nearly 200 years by then. I doubt many parts of the state except for the Appalachian region would look this rugged.

    The donkeys are intriguing. I have never seen their like before. Very shaggy which tell me they were breed for a relatively cold environment like the Great Rocky mountains or the high plains of the Dakotas.

    Bottom line I strongly doubt these photos were taken in Virginia.

  2. The only stable with the same name I found was in Virginia.

  3. Maybe so. Do you know where in VA B.F. Graves' Stable was located?

  4. Spotsylvania

    But ... there was also a B. F Graves in Vermont at the same time.

    So still a mystery.

  5. Spotsylvania? Most of the jackasses I know in Virginia are in the General Assembly and state Senate.

  6. Hi,
    Are there so many Italian Politicians in the General Assembly and state Senate of Virginia?