Saturday, January 17, 2015

I Agree. Islam is Pig Poo come to life

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  1. Wow. That is the most Faux News I have watched in ages. I don't know who she hates more, extreme islamic terrorists, or our president. Actually I don't think she sees a difference in them.

    Extreme islam is a problem, a major problem and we must fight it. I have never read the Koran, (and I should) but it seems to me that it is flawed for so many people that follow it to be so inhuman.

    I do agree with one part of that woman's wild-eyed rant. Extreme islam can only truly be fought and eliminated from within. More moderate and reasonable members of the faith of Mohammed need to fight and take back their religion. Not all islamics are evil.

    If we Americans and other western nations were to declare our own holy war against islam, would we be any better than those who followed Hitler in his final solution to the jewish problem?

    I am all for hunting down and eliminating radical terrorists wherever they are and we should support moderate islamic states, if we can find any. But we should not make the problem worse by blaming all islamics.