Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hawwt Donkey Sex

Got your attention, huh? There's nothing in this post about donkeys or sex. But here you are reading it ...

I’m swamped. I have too much to do, too much to worry about. And most of it is school stuff. I may be caught up in a week or two. And I need to sell stuff. I’m going to sell off papers related to Photodrama of Creation, an early multi-media program and the second movie ever coordinated with sound via phonograph records. We have a window advertising hand out, and some of the newspaper size souvenir sheets. It pains me to do this, but both my writing partner and I are swamped with medical issues, and we need the money. So …. So much for that.

Remember my new bookshelves and the family room alcove I’m redoing? I thought I’d be done by now. But no, not even close. The shelves are up and mostly full. The books aren’t fully organized. I have piles of things that need a new home or maybe I should donate them to a thrift store.

I’ve taken boxes of things to the Goodwill this month. An aunt by marriage died, and a cousin showed up with a truck. “Here,” he said. “She wanted you to have this stuff.”

Ummm ummm why? Most of it has gone to the Goodwill. I have four boxes left to sort. She had tones of costume jewelry, some of it nice. I’ll keep about fifteen pieces of that, and the rest will go off to one of my aunt’s best friends. She can keep what she wants and donate the rest to someone.

I’ve misplaced my new camera. It’s probably in plain sight. I’m really good at overlooking the obvious. I lose my keys too if I don’t put them in their usual spot. (A ratty silver-plate bowl in which I dump small change.)

The school district (and to a lesser degree a new state law) requires a change to our school’s focus. We’re about evenly split between ultra-smarties and children with learning disabilities. There is, of course, considerable overlap. Being a little genius doesn’t mean one is free from learning disabilities. So we have a new counselor designated as the lead for the new programs. I like her. She knows her stuff.

It seems to be official; I’m teaching a medieval history and literature course next year. This will be for 4-6 graders. I don’t have time to develop a full curriculum so we’ll adapt a pre-existing one.

And how was your day?

Oh, I forgot. I got some new cheapish stamps. They’re from various German colonies. The auction photo made it look as if there were duplications and condition problems. I believe that the seller didn’t know what he had. The duplications turned out to be Michel listed varieties, some of them on the more expensive side. So I did well with this.


  1. Griffin3:30 AM

    Actually I didn't read the post because of its heading. Not keen on gratuitous sex with animals.

    Especially sheep.

  2. Your loss. Besides our pixie has never has engaged in or written about sex with sheep. Dragons, goats and the occasional satyr, yes, but no sheep.

    If anyone has a right to complain about post titles, it is me. I will submit a post with, what I believe is, a witty and interesting title AND SHE CHANGES IT!

    Now I know why writers hate editors. But I digress.

    I would love to sit in on Rachael's medieval history course next year. That is if I can fit in those tiny elementary desks!

  3. ... and how was your day?

    So so.

  4. I hope life is brighter for you soon, Roberto.

  5. Dear Griffin (AKA “he of the dirty mind.”)

    I am so shocked! There is nothing in my title that suggests bestiality. I mean really! It doesn’t say Hawwt People Sex with a Donkey or The Donkey Show in Mexico or anything like that. God invented donkeys and gave them the urge for sex, even if it involves a female kicking a male until he delivers. YOU made up the other out of your very demented mind ….

    AND what is this with sheep and gratuitous sex with sheep or animals!? You reject free sheep sex or donkey sex or what ever but you’d pay for it or find paying for it okay? Dear Me! Gratuitous sex indeed!

    History tells us that Iron and Bronze Age Britons regularly had sex with horses. The Normans ruined all that, bringing their bad habits with sheep with them. Since no one likes Normans, it’s prolly a good thing to reject sheep as a bed partner, or is that a fuzzy partner?

    My pet Scotsman once asked me what you call an Englishman with a sheep under one arm and a goat under the other. The answer is obvious: Bisexual.

  6. I'll have to remember that joke the next time I go to the Irish pub my son works at.

    Roberto, I also hope you are feeling better soon whatever the problem.

  7. Well ... I altered the joke. As Knobby Knees told it, it wasn't an Englishman but a Scot. But Englishman worked better in this context.

  8. Griffin10:09 AM

    Imagine a hook with a squirming worm impaled on it......

  9. All that does is remind me that it has been a long time since I went fishing. What are you fishing for Griffin?

  10. An occasional reader2:16 PM

    I go away for an evening and then miss all the fun...

  11. I should write about donkey sex more often! 11 comments (including mine)! Yipeee

  12. Woo Hoo! It is Super Bowl Sunday and the game is about to begin.

    Alas my dear Pixie. I must cheer for the east coast team, the Patriots rather than your SeaHawks.

  13. I don't like football. I think it's a silly game. So cheer for whomever you wish. I'm baking cookies instead.

  14. Ok, I can understand you not caring for football, but I bet some of those cookies you are baking will be eaten by a scotsman sitting in his easy chair and shouting at the TV.

  15. Griffin3:15 PM

    "Dear Griffin (AKA “he of the dirty mind.”)

    I am so shocked! There is nothing in my title that suggests bestiality. I mean really! YOU made up the other out of your very demented mind …."

    I believe that as I have the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as my front feet, I am eminently far better qualified than you (who only mention it to get an influx of hits from Armenis) to comment on animal sex.

    You can call me 'Griff' by the way.