Sunday, January 04, 2015

From Harry



  1. Thanks for correcting my grammar in the first sentence. Often my mind thinks a sentence faster than I can type. I am constantly trying to proof my sentences, but alas, I'm hopeless.

  2. Janet Reid called me the "queen of typos" once.

  3. And you are, but I rarely bother to point it out to you. Case in point, your post from December 30...

    "The sheets and a blanked are left. Another blanked is in the wash and a quilt is in the drier."

    But who's counting.

  4. An occasional reader11:10 PM

    O yes, the joy of typos – and the more important the document, the more entertaining they can be.
    Peeface for preface – pubic for public – poo for pool – porn for pork as in porn and beans – poof read rather than proof read - the letter that starts off Dead Dad, rather than Dear Dad - or the related mental substitution of words as in the prayer that gives thanks for the gift of immorality rather than immortality...

    My own biggest blunder was producing a widely circulated letter for accommodation for a large event I was organizing at the time – which offered delegates first class hovels rather than hotels. And T and V aren’t even that near to each other on the keyboard.

    And context is everything. The teachers’ strike banner demanding better wages for those who teach in shcools...

    For straightforward mistypes (rather than strange things going on in brain and translated to fingers) there is a current expression “fat fingers.” There is even a website that claims to collect these together for sites like eBay where a mistype means you will be the only one bidding for stuff and will get it ridiculously chape. I mean chaep...

  5. Many years ago I was asked to fill in for the master of ceremonies of our high school's academic challenge completion one night.

    I had to read the questions related to math, science, history, geography, and current events. I was doing fine until I had to asked a question about a single cell organism, but I didn't say orGANism. It took me years to live that one down.