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Amy Goddard and Friends Concert, Troedyrhiw, 30th January 2015 Posted on 31 January 2015

Amy Goddard presented a very enjoyable evening, showcasing a mix of songs from her debut solo album "Burn & Glow" and an opportunity to get to hear some of her new songs - Amy is already working on her next album.

The atmosphere of the evening was light and friendly, with Amy holding the crowd with a relaxed charm. Emotionally, the music took us from a stark warning of the dangers of bullying, reminding us that "words can cut as deep as any blade," to the light joyful anticipation of meeting someone special at the end of a long early morning train journey.

Amy, who is an exceptional guitarist in her own right, was joined on the stage by Jonathan Lewis ho took turns playing bass guitar and lead - and also impressed us all with his excellent playing.

Amy’s husband, Matt Goddard, also took to the stage for a song that had the whole audience giggling - "Things you don’t say to your wife" - which contained entertaining lessons for husbands everywhere!

After Amy sang "The Lonesome Picker’s Last Hurrah," her moving tribute to John Stewart, Alan Whitby joined her on stage to perform one of Stewart’s songs:"Eyes of Sweet Virginia"

After the interval (with much appreciated tea and cake!) the stage was taken by Sophie Williams. Sophie recorded "Near the Sea," one of Amy’s songs, in the Autumn of 2013 and it was released through Incantus Media, subsequently being broadcast on BBC Radio Wales. Sophie delighted us all with that beautifully reflective song, which she then followed with her gorgeous performance of "Closest Thing to Crazy" which left many of us speechless.

For me, the highlight of the evening was one of Amy’s newest songs, which I hope will appear on her second album. Based on love-letters exchanged with a soldier fighting in the trenches of World War One, "Gladdie" brought tears to the eyes.

Amy invited all her guests back on to the stage for the finale, and the sound of so many talented voices performing together was a sheer joy.

Amy’s album "Burn & Glow" is available on CD from her website and from It is also available as digital download from all the major online retailers.

Sophie’s singles "Near the Sea" and "What You Wish For" (which includes "Closest Thing to Crazy" as B-side) are available as digital download only through all the major online retailers, or direct from Incantus Media.


  1. Griffin2:47 PM

    It's just not fair!
    To be able to write songs would be wonderful. To build one's own guitar would be an achievement. To play finger-style guitar would fulfill a lifetime's ambition. To have a fine voice would be one of my three wishes. But for someone to write, play (on a guitar they have built) and sing their own songs - and entertain an audience for more than an hour is just unfair!

    Amy's songs are not of the folk genre. She may play folk clubs but this is not folk music. It is not variations of the three-chord trick. She is constantly re-tuning her guitar for new songs. This means she is using unusual and distinctive chords and chord progressions in her songs. That is why they sound fresh and different. She is a contemporary song writer IMO.

    The songs themselves reflect Amy's experiences in life. Her new song 'Gladdie' has been commented on. This was all the more poignant because I knew the lady who received the love letters from the soldier (soon to die) at the front in WW1. I visualised her face as the song was sung.

    I thought that maybe Amy could possibly have shot her bolt with her first album - and the 'second album syndrome' is an albatross around the neck of many an artist. But she performed four or five new songs which showed she has much more still to give.

    Some years ago, we often entertained at our home a young gifted female songwriter who sang her own material and accompanied herself on keyboards in night clubs. One day she hit the big-time. She wrote a song that was an international hit - 'Love You Always Forever'. It was No 2 in the charts in the US and Australia and No 3 in the UK. I have the same feeling about Amy as I had about Donna Lewis. She will write a stonker of a song!

    Also on the bill was Occasional Reader. There was a extremely good and pertinent reason why he didn't get the same plaudits. As I said to him afterwards, 'You sang all the right notes....but not necessarily in the right places'. In fact, I couldn't understand why he was involved until I noticed that Mrs Occasional Reader was handling the cash for admission tickets and CD sales and that somewhat mysteriously both had left before the concert ended. Amy put a brave face on it but you could see the hurt and the torment in her face.

    Still there may be a silver lining to this debacle: like another singer who was constantly being ripped off at venues, she might record a song about this experience entitled 'Our Souls'.

  2. An occasional reader and "singer"11:10 PM

    For the 99.99% of the population who have no chance of understanding the 'Our Souls' reference, I suggest you Google the terms Don Arden (Ozzie Osbourne's late father-in-law) and Gene Vincent. Famed unprofessional quote on a commercial recording: "How's that Mr Arden..?"

    On the other hand, you may well feel that life is too short...

    As for OR's singing, I think it all goes back to those far off days when he used to have Griffin accompanying him on keyboard. Griffin would start the song in a key he knew OR couldn't reach when they hit the bridge. OR would start off confidently and then realise half way through the first verse what had happened, and Griffin would watch the panic rise in OR's eyes as the sweat poured down his face...

    But for some unfathomable reason Amy G still got him to sing - but kindly pitched it somewhat lower.

    Hang on dreams, you 'aint seen it all...

  3. Come on Amy!!

  4. Hi Griffin,
    Thanks for your lovely review, great to see you again after all these years!
    Video clips of the show to follow, once I've found a video editing prog I can use that doesn't induce me to throw the laptop out of the window. Give me a guitar to build any day!