Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Treasure in a box

So ... in 1902 Germany issued a new set of Germania stamps. The basic issue is fairly cheap. There are some varieties that are not. One is listed in the Scott Catalogue as 96b or in the Michel Catalogue as 72II. It's a color variety and lists for about a thousand dollars. On the stamp auction sites "ask" is usually between five and seven hundred dollars.

While watermarking a packet of unidentified Germania issues I bought earlier this year to get something else, I found one! My goodness! (not that I have much of that, even if I try.) A 'gray blue' specimen plain as day. It's now in my album! I probably paid two cents for this stamp. How very nice.

An example of the 20pf Gray-Blue of 1902.
I couldn't get a clear photo of mine.

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  1. What a wonderful Christmas present to yourself.