Wednesday, December 17, 2014

From Harry

You are always showing us pictures and videos of your home state of Washington. It is beautiful and I still want to visit one day to experience the mighty Columbia and mountains like Rainer and St. Helens.

I want you to see the beauty of my home, Virginia. This video popped up on my Facebook page and I think it is pretty good, although it features the Hampton Rhodes area more than the north, center or western parts of the Old Dominion.

If you stop the video at 1:01 with the view of Richmond, and look at the top left-hand corner of the frame at the horizon, you can imagine that you can see my house beyond the western part of the city. It’s the one with a new roof we put on last year. Hugs, Harry


  1. Grazie, mio buon amico.

    Italy is beautiful too. I visited Rome and Naples once in my youth. I'd love to come back there one day.