Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Balance and Patience


  1. As I watched this, I was amazed at the attitude of the other animals like the llama, bull and dog.

    Then I realized they had come to the realization that nothing they could do was going to stop these bouncing balls of wool from jumping on top of them - sort of like my wife's attitude toward sex.

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I had a pygmy goat once. His name was Billy. I used him as a pacifier for my horses. He was a ball of energy and was more like a pet dog.

  3. An occasional reader5:33 AM

    I was impressed by the resignation and patience of the other animals when being used as leisure equipment by the baby goats, and was just about to make a comment when I saw that Harry has already said it all.

  4. OR, I believe the saying is that "great minds think alike." Yeah, let's say that. It makes me feel better.

    I suppose if Rachael raised bunnies, chickens, or pigs instead we would be shown videos of the wee ones capering about as well.

    To paraphrase Indiana Jones (in Raider's of the Lost Ark)... "Goats! It had to be goats."

  5. I see that Roberto has posted this video to his Facebook page. I think Rachael has made a convert.